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This site is dedicated to designers, both vintage and contemporary, and fashion fine art. Wanda Pepin, gallery represented and internationally collected fine artist, will be showing her "100 years of Fashion" paintings and will be recording progress as she finishes the series. Here designers, vintage fashion and fashion fine art will be discussed. Vintage fashions, designer fragrances, designer clothing, and fashion fine art hot finds will also be shared here.

Vera Wang

By fashionart · September 14, 2010 · 0 Comments ·

Probably the most well known wedding dress designer on the market today Vera Wang never even studied design. She studied at Manhattan’s private all girls Chapin School achieving a degree in art history. Vera Wang began her fashion career as editor of the world renounced fashion magazine Vogue. She worked for Vogue for sixteen years ending her stay in 1985. Vera realized that she had little chance of a progression career wise at the magazine and that her time there was over. Moving on she was offered an opportunity to work as a design director at Ralph Lauren. She held this position for two years before ending her time at the design house to work on her first bridal gown collection.

Vera opened her first boutique in Manhattan in 1990. Her rise to fame came gradually and mostly through word of mouth until the 1994 winter Olympic games when ice skater Nancy Kerrigan enlisted Wang to design her costume. Even throughout the early years it was clear that Vera’s creative expression could not be confined to just the bridal industry. Her collections expanded rapidly from wedding dresses to jewelry, eye wear and shoes to house ware and of course perfume.

One of our favorite fragrances by Vera Wang is Princess. It’s an entwined mix of sweet top notes resembling a vanilla milkshake with fruit and a side of chocolate that quickly settles to reveal a soft floral and fruity melody that incompasses red berries and lillies. After the fragrance has fully settled the musky note present themselves. This complex layering is a delicious mix, and this fragrance is long lasting and deserves moderation when applying. This youthful and enduring perfume is great for any wistful and vibrant woman.  We offer this and many other top designer fragrances for a discounted price at our Timeless Fashion and Art. To read more about Vera Wang and her life please visit bio.com

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