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This site is dedicated to designers, both vintage and contemporary, and fashion fine art. Wanda Pepin, gallery represented and internationally collected fine artist, will be showing her "100 years of Fashion" paintings and will be recording progress as she finishes the series. Here designers, vintage fashion and fashion fine art will be discussed. Vintage fashions, designer fragrances, designer clothing, and fashion fine art hot finds will also be shared here.

1922 Fashion

By fashionart · September 8, 2009 · 0 Comments ·

 1922 Jean Patou

Jean Patou also created a collection of designer fragrances that are still sold. Check them out at Timeless Fashion and Art for 40% off.

1922 Lucile Ltd.

 1922 Madeleine Vionnet

 1922 Paul Poiret

 1922 Paul Poiret

 1922 Paul Poiret

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WOW. This is the first article I’ve read since finding this site…and what an article!!! I’m hooked.Like others this is also damn interesting.We’re all waiting for your next article of course.


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Thanks! Glad you liked the article.

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Thanks and keep coming back for more.

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